X The Institution X -- Group Roleplay

X The Institution X -- Group Roleplay

-- The institution is that for the criminally insane, those who have committed heinous crimes but were pardoned due to severe mental illness. The Institution is a three-story mansion, with barred windows and clean rooms. There are both Aids - those who help keep the occupants in order, and the Convicts- the occupants themselves. Life in the institution is much like daily life, where medications keep the convicts calm, almost 'normal'. Majority can free-roam, but others are kept in solitary care.
-- Aids x The Aids live in a building separate that from the main Institution. They have shifts and live by clockwork, only having one specific day a week when they can leave the estate. There are few to no rules for the Aids
-- Convicts x The convicts are separated into four Wings of the building based off of the degree of their crime(s) and/or illness(es). Some may have to share a room with another convict, but this hardly ever occurs. There's no gender separation, and rules depend on their Wing. The main rules are the nine o'clock curfew, where everyone must be in their own room, and lights out is ate nine-thirty. Mealtimes are also separated by wing. Solitary Convicts are alone and are only visited by an Aid that has been assigned to them.
-- Wings: Wing A is for the Convicts suffering from minor illnesses and less severe crimes. Wing B is for minor illnesses and severe crimes. Wing X is for severe illness and minor crimes, and Wing Z is for severe illness and major crimes.
-- Other information: Romantic relationships between Aids and Convicts are strictly forbidden by the Institution. However, many relationships under the radar have gone unnoticed.
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